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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Club Gitmo

Is this for real? Camp 4 is the place to be? If it wasn't for the ".mil" in the source's url, I would write this off as a spoof...
Camp 4 offers a wide range of incentives for good behavior. It features a common area that allows detainees to eat, sleep and pray together, Hood explained. Instead of the unpopular orange jumpsuits less cooperative detainees wear, those in Camp 4 wear white clothes that represent something of a status symbol among the detainee population. They get seven to nine hours a day outside their living quarters for recreation. Instead of having their meals delivered to their cells on a tray, they get containers of prepared food that they dish up and eat family-style.

Detainees at Camp 4 get access to volleyball nets and ping-pong tables and are treated to ice cream every Sunday, Hood said. They can request copies of the National Geographic magazines they love and occasionally get to watch Arabic family TV shows and soccer highlights. And five times a day, when the Muslim call to prayer sounds over the camp's speaker system, they get to pull out their prayer rugs, orient them with arrows throughout the camp that point toward Mecca, and pray as a group.


"There's a big incentive for detainees to want to be here," said Command Sgt. Maj. Anthony Mendez. In fact, during the two years that he's served at Guantanamo Bay, Mendez said he's seen only about 10 detainees get transferred to another camp for bad behavior.
These sick bastards are trying to spin Guantanamo as a summer camp... have they lost their minds?

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