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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Teens Protest the War

With the threat of a draft looming over the horizon teens in California get involved...

Students at Aptos High School are making their voices heard about their displeasure with the war in Iraq.

The school’s Peace Club is joining with other peace and justice groups in Santa Cruz to present "Rock for Peace," a student-produced benefit concert at the Vets Hall in Santa Cruz to make young people aware of how they can get involved in social issues.


Teens are concerned about military recruitment on campus and the possibility of a military draft, Bare said.

The event will be great for making connections with others who have similar viewpoints on peace, war and the community in general, Van Stolk said.

The tide certainly seems to be turning, make note of the event's sponsors:

Harbor High, Soquel High, St. Francis High, Santa Cruz High and Renaissance High schools are helping produce the event, sponsored by the Bill Motto Post 5888 VFW.

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