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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Media Targets

Are U.S. troops targeting Iraqi media personnel? That's what the International Federation of Journalists is reporting:
The International Federation of Journalists today called on the United States to investigate three new cases of journalists killed in Iraq over the past week - all of them at the hands of United States soldiers.

The first reported victim is Yasser Salihee, an Iraqi special correspondent for the United States media company Knight Ridder, was shot to death in Baghdad last Friday, apparently by a US sniper.

On Sunday, Maha Ibrahim, a news editor with the local Baghdad TV channel, owned by the Iraqi Islamic Party, was on her way to work when she was killed when US troops opened fire after they apparently came under attack in a Baghdad neighbourhood.

And on Tuesday this week US troops reportedly killed Ahmed Wael Bakri, a programme director for al-Sharqiya television when he drove near a US convoy in Baghdad.

The IFJ says this brings to 17 the number of journalists and media staff killed by US soldiers since the invasion of Iraq.
They report, you decide.

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