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"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." Theodore Roosevelt

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Move Over, Rover

The Bushies' attempts to protect Karl Rove are so pathetic it's funny. If you're paying attention you've noticed several different directions lately. Here they are, but I warn you they are simply the same old play book the juggernaut has used effectively in the past:

1) Distract from the issue. The Republicans refuse to address the real issue of the possible treasonous felony committed by ratting out a CIA agent and instead are focusing on trying to discredit Joe Wilson again. See the GOP Homepage and check out the statement by Chairman Ken Mehlmann.

2) Confuse the issue. Now it was Novak who TOLD Rove about the identity of Mrs. Wilson as a CIA agent. And as of this a.m. I read that Novak got the identity from Judith Miller.

3) Technical defense by throwing all kinds of trash into the discussion. You've heard and read these - Rove maybe didn't rat her out within the 5 year period specified in the law. Rove didn't use her name, only referring to her as Joe Wilson's wife. She only had a desk job at Langley (Friday night Fox O'Reilly Report, 11 p.m. EST).

It's a load of bull-hockey. Here's why:

1) Distracting from the issue is just that - a distraction. Joe Wilson has a constitutional right to disagree, and to vote for Kerry. If what he found out embarrassed Bush, tough poopie. If you don't want your lies found out, don't tell them. The fact is someone exposed Mrs. Wilson as an agent, endangering her life, the lives of everyone she's ever been working or seen with, and all the WMD work of the CIA is potentially compromised by that act. That someone appears to be Karl Rove. AND under US law, it is a felony to expose the identity of a CIA Agent. Whether it was accidental or not, whether it was for political revenge or not, are not the issue.

2) Confusing the issue might work in public. But all this tack has done is make me wonder why Novak isn't being prosecuted. And what about Judith Miller? I'd suggest that we now have 3 potential felons, not just Rove any more. It's beginning to sound like a Watergate daisy-chain. My thoughts are we prosecute all three and see which one breaks first.

3) Technical issues defense. This is where I start to laugh hardest.

...There's no "evidence" Joe Wilson ever went to Africa for this "covert" work. This is supposed to "prove" that Mrs. Wilson was not "active CIA" at the time, and that therefore Rove didn't violate the 5 year protection specified by the law. Duh! It's COVERT, idiot. Do you really expect to find news headlines announcing their arrival in Niger? (Hannity tried this defense on Thursday night.) Besides, once again the team contradicts itself. Right there on the GOP website, Ken Mehlmann's statement places Mrs. Wilson at the CIA suggesting to her boss that her husband has contacts that might be useful. They are also trying to say that SHE sent him. THAT makes her an active agent.

...She only had "a desk job at Langley" (from O'Reilly Report stand-in on Friday night.) My response is if she was cleaning the toilets she was still a CIA agent, entitled to protection under the law. And if she had a mere desk job at Langley, how could she have the authority to send her husband, who was NOT an agent, as suggested by the RNC itself?

...Rove didn't use her name is a third line of "defense". To my knowledge the law doesn't require using her name - it requires publically identifying a CIA agent. Saying the "wife of [public figure]" is pretty much indentifying her, isn't it. How hard would it be to find the "wife of Dick Cheney" for example? If someone wanted to find and kill WMD analysts, that was enough information to get her ID and her home address. And BTW, Fox News, you're now accused by me as well, because I saw her photo on your show last night.

America, Bush and Rove and their machine obviously think we are all STUPID. Just when will you ALL get tired of being treated this way? Get mad, voters, get mad. And laugh, because the machine is so frightened over this that it's funny. You can literally watch them tripping over their own feet trying to protect this bozo. When else have you seen them contradicting themselves every day, day after day?

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