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Friday, September 16, 2005

3 Days in Iraq

Via Reuters...
Wednesday, September 14

A suicide bomber killed 114 people in a crowd of Shi'ite labourers in Baghdad.

Another car bomber blew himself up in the northern part of the Iraqi capital, killing 11 people lining up to refill gas canisters.

Two more car bombs exploded later in Baghdad with at least five dead.

Gunmen dragged 17 people from their homes and killed them in Taji, a northern Baghdad suburb.

Thursday, September 15

Suicide bombers killed 24 policemen in Baghdad.

The bodies of six people shot dead were found in Baghdad.

Three Shi'ite pilgrims were killed in northern Baghdad.

A Shi'ite preacher at a Mosul mosque in northern Iraq was killed by a bomb.

A senior official in the Shi'ite Dawa Party was killed, along with three others, when gunmen attacked his vehicle in Hilla, 100 km (60 miles) south of Baghdad.

A policeman was shot dead in Baquba, north of Baghdad.

A Shi'ite cleric was found dead after being kidnapped in Latifiya, a small town to the south of Baghdad.

An Iskandariya town official and four of his guards were killed when gunmen raided his house.

A U.S. soldier was killed by an explosion in the city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

Friday, September16

A suicide car bomber blew himself up outside a Shi'ite mosque north of Baghdad killing 11.

Four Iraqi soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Khalidiya, west of Baghdad.

Three policemen were killed when a car bomb exploded in the town of Hasswa, south of Baghdad.

A Shi'ite preacher was gunned down by insurgents in Sadr City.

Two labourers were killed by gunmen while they were lining up to seek work in the eastern New Baghdad district.
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