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"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." Theodore Roosevelt

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Keeping Us Safe?

With all of Shrub's failures, the worst failure of all, is how he has failed to deal with North Korea...

A bit of background: North Korea made one or two nuclear weapons around 1989, during the first Bush administration, but froze its plutonium program under the 1994 "Agreed Framework" with the Clinton administration. North Korea adhered to the freeze on plutonium production, but about 1999, it secretly started on a second nuclear route involving uranium.

That was much less worrisome than the plutonium program (it still seems to be years from producing a single uranium weapon), and it probably could have been resolved through negotiation, as past crises had been.

Instead, Mr. Bush refused to negotiate bilaterally, so now we have the worst of both worlds: that uranium program is still in place, and the plutonium program is churning out weapons material as well.

Now the administration talks about asking the Security Council for some kind of limited quarantine for North Korea. That won't fly, because China and South Korea won't enforce it.

Please remind me again - how are the Republican's keeping us safer?

Monday, April 25, 2005

King George to the Rescue

Much like the insincere grandstanding with the Terri Schiavo charade, Bush is here to save the day...

CRAWFORD, Texas -- President Bush on Monday pressed Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah to help curb skyrocketing oil prices that are hurting the budgets of American families and businesses.

"The crown prince understands that it is very important ... to make sure that the price is reasonable," Bush told reporters before the Saudi leader arrived at his Texas ranch for a couple hours of talks that also took in new Middle East peace initiatives, the pace of democratic reform in the desert kingdom and counter-terror efforts.

How about jaw-boning the corporate monopolies who are controlling the prices? They seem to be making out pretty well...

SAN RAMON, Calif. — ChevronTexaco Corp., the nation's second largest oil company, is buying smaller rival Unocal Corp. for about $17 billion, hoping to further accelerate its already surging profits by boosting its energy supplies in Asia.

While we are on the topic of Chevron, let us not forget their former Queen - our current Secratery of State...

Rice had an oil tanker named for her while she was a member of the Chevron Corporation board of directors during the 1990s.

Shocking, isn't it? Our Secratery of State had an oil tanker named after her?

The Latest on Gannon Gate

Secret Service records pertaining to Jim/Jeff Guckert/Gannon's escapades into the White House have been acquired by Raw Story. They are interesting to say the least...

Guckert made more than three dozen excursions to the White House when there were no scheduled briefings. On many of these days, the Press Office held press gaggles aboard Air Force One—which raises questions about what Guckert was doing at the White House.

On at least fourteen occasions, Secret Service records show either the entry or exit time missing. Generally, the existing entry or exit times correlate with press conferences; on most of these days, the records show that Guckert checked in but was never processed out.

In March, 2003, Guckert left the White House twice on days he had never checked in with the Secret Service. Over the next 22 months, Guckert failed to check out with the Service on thirteen days. On several of these visits, Guckert either entered or exited by a different entry/exit point than his usual one. On one of these days, no briefing was held.

“I’d be worried if I was the White House and I knew that a reporter with a day pass never left,” one White House reporter told RAW STORY. “I’d wonder, where is he hiding? It seems like a security risk.”

Others who have covered the White House say not checking in or out with the Secret Service is unusual. The Secret Service declined to comment.

Knowing Jim/Jeff's other occupational skills, one can only speculate what kind of service he was providing for members of the White House if he was not present for a press conference.

We report, you decide.


Paul Krugman is spot on, as he articulates the current administration's economic agenda...

Since November's election, the victors have managed to be on the wrong side of public opinion on one issue after another: the economy, Social Security privatization, Terri Schiavo, Tom DeLay. By large margins, Americans say that the country is headed in the wrong direction, and Mr. Bush is the least popular second-term president on record.

What's going on? Actually, it's quite simple: Mr. Bush and his party talk only to their base - corporate interests and the religious right - and are oblivious to everyone else's concerns.

The administration's upbeat view of the economy is a case in point. Corporate interests are doing very well. As a recent report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities points out, over the last three years profits grew at an annual rate of 14.5 percent after inflation, the fastest growth since World War II.

The story is very different for the great majority of Americans, who live off their wages, not dividends or capital gains, and aren't doing well at all. Over the past three years, wage and salary income grew less than in any other postwar recovery - less than a tenth as fast as profits. But wage-earning Americans aren't part of the base.

It's a classic case of the rich getting richer while the rest of the country languishes, or a reverse Robin Hood effect, if you will, as the rich continue to take from the rest of us. Of course, this is ultimately unsustainable, but by the time the country wakes up the damage might be irreparable.

Take what you want, leave what you don't.

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