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"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." Theodore Roosevelt

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Get ready for it....

One thing that really gets me going is when some bozo starts talking about martial law as though it's a good thing. I've read a lot of history, and although I may have missed an event by not reading ALL history, I recall that in every event of Martial Law that I did read about the citizens got screwed. Typically they were given some totally false or at best flimsy but almost reasonable excuse like 'public safety' or 'natural disaster'. Almost always, it was done purely to protect the vested interests of the wealthy and the corrupt and incompetent adminisitration. The administration essentially jails the entire population within their own nation, using the army they pay taxes to support. And it nearly always took revolution 'straight up' to put an end to it.

So I was pretty upset when I read about the several Executive Orders from Bush that would set us up for him to declare Martial Law when HE deems it necessary. Combine that with the concept of Unitary Executive (all-powerful leader) and you have a DICTATOR, pure and simple. Not in my nation, not while I breathe.

So I looked about for information about our upcoming Martial Law period. It's scary, let me tell you. First, here is a little article about the use of Martial Law for the dictatorship. On that page and on this page you can read about the use of Blackwater mercenaries for taking over control of the country and how they were used in NOLA to evict citizens and confiscate their firearms, violating their rights in the process. Just as they will violate ours. It seems the use of mercenaries avoids certain legal 'issues' that might complicate the process - like violations of laws regarding detention, murder and torture which career military patriots may not be willing to commit against their own countrymen.

Now, sure, Bush has discussed using Martial Law in the case of the bird flu (that 'almost reasonable excuse). But just what the hell is the NEED for martial law in a flu pandemic? What will they acutally DO? And why use mercenaries? Why not the local guard units? (Oh, right, I forgot.) Well, anyway, what is the martial law going to accomplish? Keeping sick poor people out of Republican neighborhoods I suppose. (So if you do get the flu, be damned sure to go to church where all the rich folks go to church - and you go on Sunday, first service, so you can get two shifts of them. Also, if you have the flu, be real sure to go up to every Martial Law enforcer you see and cough in his face.) I frankly don't see where it's going to do any good to execute martial law for the flu. The flu is already becoming immune to two of the common drugs used against it, so all the mercenaries will have to do is to go about with trucks yelling 'Bring out your dead', bring out your dead!'.

At this site, I found a description of what Martial Law entails and the Executive Order enabling these activities (e.g. they may confiscate your food as well as your weapons), as well as the use of FEMA to execute the Martial Law order. Now, I will confess I did not read all the links on this subject on this site (there are a lot of them), and the site is much larger than just the Martial Law takeover to come. In my defense I'll bring up two points - 1) I've been awfully busy lately, and 2) I don't believe in censorship in ANY form, so you should read them yourself and decide what you think. While it's clear (or should be) that I abhor the idea of Martial Law (especially declared by King George IV), you should make up your own mind. Who knows? You might want to snitch on your neighbors because they stockpiled food.

But there is one question I came up with that I couldn't answer, and maybe some of you can. If Bush uses Blackwater Security goons to implement martial law, would they be covered by the Geneva Conventions or any other existing law? Since they aren't citizen members of the US Military, but would be carrying weapons and taking away rights and maybe citizens (Me, me, pick me!), they certainly would be 'combatants' by the definition of the populace. So would they fall into that legal blackhole where they would be 'enemy combatants' and could be dealt with as appropriate because they legally don't exist and they were in fact making war on the citizens?

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