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"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." Theodore Roosevelt

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bonzo's 2nd Bad Week

Well folks, its' been another bang-up week for our Chimperor Bonzo. Here's my little summary. Please do fill in whatever you think I may have missed.

We start off with our VP Dick "Torture" Cheney shooting his hunting partner, and hiding the fact from the public and his boss, and the associated lies. It's like a microcosm of the GOP Middle East policy - trigger happy liars ignoring any collateral damages they might do and then lying about the entire thing. He was finally forced (did Bush actually TELL Cheney to do this?) to admit it on TV. At some point Cheney said that he'd tried to hide the incident because he knew it would get out and he 'didn't have a press person' there. So in the absence of a paid liar, Jabba the Dick decided to say nothing. Of course, there are still a lot of questions about the story and the the details that were already refuted.

Meanwhile, Dick lets out of the bag that HE is now qualified to declassify any classified information he wants to - by order of pResident Bush just before the time when Scooter Libby revealed the name of Ambassador Wilson's wife as a CIA agent. Sounds like Bush wrote that order just to cover somebody's ass. But what about the statute that makes it a felony to reveal the identity of a CIA agent? Does an executive order about declassifying rights protect the Dick from felony charges?

New torture photos were released for Abu Ghraib. A witness in the Yemen prison break says he told the prison guards about the tunnel before the break, and makes it appear that we can't even trust our allies in TWAT (The War Against Terror). The UN Human Rights Commission has called for the closing of our Guantanamo prison camp due to torture and rights violations. This was based entirely on the documentation we did let them see, as our government refused to permit them to talk to any of the prisoners. And several Republican Senators took on Condi Rice over the US policies in the Mid-east as she addressed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

In the arena of illegal domestic spying, a federal judge has ordered the administration to produce the required documentation for a lawsuit over the issue. Senator Rockefeller picks up on the issue of whether or not NSA is spying outside of their legal authority. And the Busheviks make a deal with Senator Pat Roberts (who announced it). They painted it as "stopped the investigation" to make it look like a 'win' for the dirty-white White House, but in fact it's an attempt to avoid a Constitutional showdown with Congress over the issue. Bush was trying to steamroll them and the public on this, and it didn't go down as hoped - he was headed for impeachment over it and would NOT have won. So they came up with this deal to 'provide legal oversight' on the spying, in hopes of diverting the impeachment direction and of keeping up the spying. How else are you going to keep tabs on everybody who disagrees with you?

In other news, the indictment of yet another Ohio Repug has Bush traveling to that state to spread the manure and try to keep it under GOP control.

Jack Abramoff's sentencing in Florida may be delayed because he is cooperating with the investigation into the Bush corruption ring so well. And the longer Jack talks, the more damage he will do to Bush.

Nancy Peolosi has called for an ethics investigation over the GOP practice of passing different versions of a law in the Senate from those passed in the House, and then Bush signing the bill into law based on the Senate version. An unconstitutional practice to be sure as the House didn't vote on the issue passed by the Senate - in this case the Budget Bill.

And, our Fearless Leader has now sold the rights to operate our nations shipping ports (remember, protect our ports and borders?) to an Arab company. Now, given that we know for years that there are terrorist sympathizers in the governments of most middle eastern countries (Pakistan comes to mind, along with the Yemen prison break), why would any 'protect the nation' president want to just hand over the operation of our ports to ANY arab company? It's a guarantee that we will have nuclear weapons smuggled in, since the foxes will be guarding the gates to the henhouse. Protect the nation, indeed. Thanks for nuttin' Mr. George 'TWAT' Bush.

So, although it was pretty much all presented with a softball attitude, I think it all adds up to bad news for Bush. And THIS is only since my posting of the Bad News news at half-time on Wednesday. Overall, I'd say it's another bad week for Bush, and that my people is a good week for America.

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